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Become a Member!

Over the past decade the Vanuatu Surfing Association has grown out of a small core of dedicated surfers who shared their love of surfing with locals. Across the islands of Vanuatu, the Association and its members have searched for new breaks, using all forms of transport available. What we’ve found along the way is a nation full of the most gracious and ocean loving peoples that you could ever expect to find. With their great respect and reliance on the ocean for everyday life, the Ni-Vanuatu were always going to be good candidates for surfing. From snapped boards, old doors, foam blocks and broken canoe hulls the kids here will use anything to get amongst the waves.

Comprising of a large number of local Ni-Vanuatu as well as expatriate Australian, New Zealand and French citizens, the Vanuatu Surfing Association works towards promoting an international level of surfing in Vanuatu. Registered as a charity in 2010, the VSA relies on donations and the generosity of others in order to undertake its work. Often this takes the form of sourcing and shipping second-hand boards which we distribute to keen surfers throughout the islands.

So far, in our travels we’ve only been met with smiles, handshakes and kava. Perhaps if the missionaries had been handing out boards and wax they might not have gotten themselves eaten quite so much…

Join us in 2016!

Experience has shown that our members are great spokespeople for the Vanuatu Surfing Association (VSA), and often the strongest advocates for programs such as our VSA board drive, Village of Origin, international travel and our womens development program.

The practical and financial support of our members helps us to grow surfing in Vanuatu. In 2016/17 we are again seeking your support by joining the VSA, and encouraging a friend (or friends!) to join, helping us  expand both our membership and our capacity to run programs!

Member benefits include;

  • Free entry to VSA domestic competitions and to supporters areas at international contests
  • Members-only discount of 10% on all VSA merchandise
  • VSA member sticker 2016

and much more …

Yours in Surfing,


Stephanie Mahuk

Secretary, Vanuatu Surfing Association